Applications Lab

Cwenga Technologies Applications Lab

High level plant designs
Using the LewaPlus software [freely available to all from Lanxess] for ion exchange and reverse osmosis plant design we can give sizing and cost estimates for standard applications quickly. The same can be done for activated carbon in water applications. All we need is the flowrate, treatment objective and water analysis.
For enquiries that are more niche and interesting, we have set up a small in-house laboratory for applications testing.

Applications lab:
The testwork conducted here is used for selecting the best technology and product for difficult and unusual situations. We have the capabilities to do isotherm tests, column testing at both ambient and elevated temperatures in our lab, as well as piloting and plant trials on site. Sometimes our research results in a conference paper, often in collaboration with our customers - Research Gate.

Routine analysis:
Routine media analysis can also be carried out for existing customers, as well as regular plant auditing. We use DIN methods for our analysis of resins, and Calgon methods for carbon testing. From this data we can advise on stock management, check for inefficiencies and troubleshoot the plant.  

Cwenga Plant Audit system:
Often it is the case that in an enormous industrial site the utilities are not in the forefronts of the process engineers minds. Quotas and goals are based on production values rather than the efficiency of the water purification plant, and this means that sometimes the utilities are not given the attention that they need to run at peak efficiency.

Because this is what we do every day, Cwenga often knows how these utility plants should be running better than the staff on site. This is why we’ve created a plant audit system that can be modified for each site.

The CPA system gives the utilities team a framework that investigates every aspect of the plant, and gives back information about if and where inefficiencies may be found.

For more information on what Cwenga can offer from the applications lab or other products, please contact us